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Inside The Freezer...

Watch your head!

Britnee "Bee" Daily
11 March
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Marauders picture in header by: Marta
Lily/James picture by Makani
Welcome to Bee Daily/B.C Daily's LiveJournal. =)
About Bee
Britnee Daily [BRIH-tuh-nee dey-lee] is a twenty-something Potterfanatic from the greatest city in the whole world, New York, who enjoys books, boys, beaches and Britney Spears. A worker, a writer, and a professional procrastinator, Bee claims two jobs, several fish, and one particularly wild roommate who has often declared herself to be an endless source of inspiration. When she is not working/writing/eating/sleeping/ breathing, Bee can be found firmly attached to the television, where she attempts to fill the void that Gilmore Girls's cancellation left inside her soul with Entourage and General Hospital, among other things.


Welcome to my Livejournal where you can find all the most recent information on all of my stories and writings, as well as random tidbits concerning just about anything and everything. Feel free to friend me or leave a comment--I'm friendly, I swear!

Enjoy. =)
Self-Inflicted Laryngitis
Boiling the Tarts
The Woes of Christmas Parties
The Perks of Morning-Afters
The Six Degrees of Drunkenness
A Puddifoot's Valentine's Date
Try, Trial, and Try Again
No Longer A Dream
Puzzling Proposals
And more to come...


The always ordinary Lily Evans enters her 7th-Year with a whole slew of unordinary changes. And with everything changing, Lily fears she may be going a bit mad. Suddenly, she’s Head Girl, her friends are acting strangely, and there’s a new James Potter she just can't seem to get rid of.

Chapter twenty-four is currently in progress. You can find the first twenty-three chapters both at The Unknowable Room and Fanfiction.net.

PROFILE CODES FROM tomorrow_brings.

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